Regular: Call for Papers: Widyakala Journal Vol.8 No.2 (September 2021)

We invite scholars, researchers and academics to publish the research results in the Widyakala Journal Vol. 8, Issue 2 published in September 2021.

Widyakala opens to receive a paper with a similarity below 20% and written with IMRaD (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion) rules. The journal limits itself to accepting papers in the form of literature reviews. Paper with data collection/experimentation, analysis, and system design is very much expected. Papers written in English are very welcome. When submitting the paper, please also submit a signed copyright form for all the authors listed in the paper. Should you have questions, feel free to send by email to the Editor ( 

How to submit a paper to Widyakala

Register on logon to the Widyakala system ( The manuscript flow can be seen here.

Step 1. Starting the Submission:

  • Journal section: Articles
  • Submission Checklist: tick all (v)
  • Comment for the editor (optional): Write a sentence to the editor for paper submission (title, topics, etc.), and then save and continue.
Step 2. Uploading the Submission:
  • Submission File: upload your file in MS Word (*.docx) with the correct journal template, and then save and continue.
Step 3. Entering the Submission's Metadata
  • Form language: English or Bahasa Indonesia and click Submit
  • Authors: complete it, especially with a star (*)
  • Add author: input it if you have co-authors
  • Title and Abstract:
    • Title: write your paper title or copy-paste from MS word
    • Abstract: write your abstract or copy-paste from MS word
    • Contributors and Supporting Agencies: write it if your work is sponsored by agencies, for example, RISTEK DIKTI, LPPM, etc.
    • References: copy-paste your used references from your manuscript. This is important to appear for an indexing process. Then save and continue
Step 4. Upload supplementary file
  • Upload your signed copyright form here, click upload.
Step 5. Confirming the Submission
  • Click “Finish Submission