We invite scholars, researchers, and academics to publish the results of research in the Widyakala Journal every March and September in each year. The scope of the field published in the Widyakala Journal is Urban Development and Urban Lifestyle that covered Liberal Arts, Sustainable Development, and Entrepreneurship including the knowledge and their effects.

Widyakala's journal uses the structure of scientific articles based on the IMRaD rules (Introduction, Method, Result, and Discussion), where a brief explanation can be seen HERE. Then please use the .doc template that can be downloaded on this webpage.

For those who do not have an account in Widyakala Journal, please register HERE.

Regular: Call For Papers: Widyakala Journal Vol. 7 No. 2 (September 2020)


We invite scholars, researchers and academics to publish the research results in the Widyakala Journal Vol. 7, Issue 2 published in September 2020.

Widyakala opens to receive a paper with a similarity below 20% and written with IMRaD (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion) rules. The journal limits itself to accepting papers in the form of literature reviews. Paper with data collection/experimentation, analysis, and system design is very much expected. Papers written in English are very welcome. When submitting the paper, please also submit a signed copyright form for all the authors listed in the paper. Should you have questions, feel free to send by email to the Editor ( 

How to submit a paper to Widyakala

Register on logon to the Widyakala system ( The manuscript flow can be seen here.

Step 1. Starting the Submission:

  • Journal section: Articles
  • Submission Checklist: tick all (v)
  • Comment for the editor (optional): Write a sentence to the editor for paper submission (title, topics, etc.), and then save and continue.
Step 2. Uploading the Submission:
  • Submission File: upload your file in MS Word (*.docx) with the correct journal template, and then save and continue.
Step 3. Entering the Submission's Metadata
  • Form language: English or Bahasa Indonesia and click Submit
  • Authors: complete it, especially with a star (*)
  • Add author: input it if you have co-authors
  • Title and Abstract:
    • Title: write your paper title or copy-paste from MS word
    • Abstract: write your abstract or copy-paste from MS word
    • Contributors and Supporting Agencies: write it if your work is sponsored by agencies, for example, RISTEK DIKTI, LPPM, etc.
    • References: copy-paste your used references from your manuscript. This is important to appear for an indexing process. Then save and continue
Step 4. Upload supplementary file
  • Upload your signed copyright form here, click upload.
Step 5. Confirming the Submission
  • Click “Finish Submission
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This is officially to announce the changing of the old template of Widyakala Journal to a new template.

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