Widyakala's is a scientific journal with interdisciplinary studies within the scope of ten study programs at Pembangunan Jaya University (UPJ) as a contribution to the three principal scientific patterns of UPJ which are also the core of UPJ excellence: Humanist human development (Liberal Arts), Sustainable eco-development, and Entrepreneurship (LSE).

The focus of the study selected by Widyakala Journal is Urban Studies and Urban Lifestyle. The paper is published twice a year every March and September by Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (LP2M) Pembangunan Jaya University. This journal is open to scholars, researchers, academics, and practitioners widely to contribute ideas and the latest research findings in the form of papers into the Journal according to the three scopes above.

Specifically, the scopes of the journal include, but are not limited to, the following fields.

  • Climate change dan global warming
  • Ecology and sustainable development
  • Waste and water management
  • Environmental economics and policy
  • Renewable and sustainable energy
  • Social sciences, humanities, and social impact assessment
  • Green construction and sustainable development
  • Earth and environmental technologies
  • Remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Smart system, information and communication technologies
  • Product design and materials, arts, multimedia, and branding concepts
  • Urban governance and air pollution
  • Impacts of globalization and financial crises
  • Poverty alleviation, equality and health and well being
  • Entrepreneurship phenomenon and challenges
  • Architectural issues

e-ISSN 2597-8624



Call For Papers: Widyakala Journal Vol. 6 No. 2 (September 2019)


Kami mengundang para mahasiswa, peneliti dan akademisi untuk mempublikasikan hasil-hasil penelitian di Jurnal Widyakala Vol.6 No. 2 yang diterbitkan pada September 2019.

Widyakala juga terbuka untuk menerima "special issue" yang terkait dengan tiga inti keunggulan UPJ di atas. Konten dan format untuk "special issue" mirip dengan isu regular. Perhatikan bahwa makalah yang diterima untuk "special issue" setidaknya lima makalah yang semuanya membahas satu masalah besar atau satu tema besar. Borang proposal 'special issue' dapat diunduh di SINI dan kirimkan ke editor Widyakala via email: wayan.suparta@upj.ac.id.

(We invite scholars, researchers and academics to publish the research results in the Widyakala Journal Vol.6 No.2 published in September 2019).

Widyakala also opens to receive a special issue that related to the three core of UPJ's excellence. The content and format for the special issue are similar to the regular issue. Note that the paper accepted for a special issue is at least five papers which are all investigates one big issue or one big theme. The proposal form can be downloaded HERE and should be sent by email to the Editor, Wayan Suparta (wayan.suparta@upj.ac.id). 

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Vol 6 (2019): Special Issue

Table of Contents


Feisal Adri Winansa, Agustinus Agus Setiawan
Mohamed Angky Al Fajr, Agustinus Agus Setiawan
Ajeng Ari Nainggolan, Rizka Arbaningrum, Aulia Nadesya, Dara Janti Harliyanti, Mohammad Ammar Syaddad
Rizka Arbaningrum
Diza Roshaunda, Lala Diana, Lonny Princhika Caroline, Shafira Khalisha, Ryan Septiady Nugraha
Elysa Damayanti, Ryan Septiady Nugraha